The Joyin’s" Professional Ethics" holds the company, shareholders, customer service and supplier management to high standards.

  • The Code outlines to every employee the actions and attitudes expected of them in their work. We are committed to the highest standards in law and ethics as well as to ensuring the rights of all stakeholders.

Joyin’s Commitment to Shareholders

  • Value shareholder rights, maintain our competitiveness and ensure sound finances.
  • Continue to follow a management policy of stability aimed at creating companies that generate high revenues in the face of the global financial crisis, rising commodity prices, fluctuating international share markets and rising interest rates.
  • Set up an investor area for investors' reference. Disclosure must be complete, timely, correct and transparent to protect shareholder rights and create business value.

Joyin’s Customer Service

  • Source management to provide customers with satisfactory products, quality and service in a timely manner.
  • Invest heavily each year in encouraging innovation. Also think about how innovation can be integrated with customer products to create new business opportunities.
  • Customer-oriented approach to bring about a win-win outcome through the customer's long-term trust and cooperation.
  • Impose rigorous checks on the design and manufacture of the original product. It must not contain any hazardous substances and must pass national inspections on restricted substances.
  • Commodity suppliers must provide documentation showing that the contents comply with all customer and regulatory requirements. Customer audits must also be accepted.

Joyin and Supplier Management

  • Supplier must sign an "Integrity Commitment" and ensure that supplied raw materials and products match environmental regulations. Business ethics must also be upheld to stamp out corruption, bribery and child labor.
  • Regularly inspect and audit suppliers. Ask supplier to conduct social and environmental responsibility audit and other requirements on suppliers and their suppliers.
  • Chemicals and hazardous substances should be dealt with by license suppliers. The supplier must also be regularly audited on conformity.