Collection and use of personal data

  • According to the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act and related regulations, only for specific purposes, to make use of the services provided, will not disclose to any other third party.
  • If you reflect the opinions or ask questions by e-mail or business services, we will store your communication records, just as with your contact.

security responsibilities

  • The sensitivity and confidentiality of data processing personnel, Based on the need to give management authority and appropriate distribution of work, The construction best support system and performance review system.
  • For resignation, vacations, interdicted officer, based on relevant procedures immediately cancel or stop using the systems and resources permissions will be transferred to the designated responsible person.

Data security protection

  • construction backup system, The data and software needed to backups on regular, Storage system fails or disaster occurs, the system can quickly resume normal operation.

Network Security Management

  • About the network connection with the Internet, Setting the control system to control external and internal network data transmission and reception system, And enforce strict network user the identity identification operations.

Access system control management

  • Based on systems and security management needs to set up the passwords to use.
  • Logon operating system,based on the personal permissions needed to set up the system, And regularly updated.